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Generals ZH

Generals Zero Hour ShockWave 1.2 Beta 6

ShockWave 1.2 is much more interesting with more variety among generals, overall offering more choice, variety, and strategic freedom than Zero Hour – while maintaining the design spirit and direction of the original generals game. ShockWave will include new generals in the release and more than 100 new units, many new structures, upgrades, maps and many other gameplay modifications. ShockWave also offers fully customized sound and music effects, new in-game weapon visuals and effects, bug fixes, and an improved overview of the battlefield with a higher viewpoint. The three new Generals – Deathstrike, Ironside and Leang will get their own challenge maps for their generals, ShockWave is working on both open and closed beta versions, high availability balancing all the different factions to make sure the game is fun both online and offline.

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