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Generals ZH

Generals Zero Hour Atlas Mod

 Atlas Mod is a mod specially designed for Zero Hour Command and Conquer Generals which allows the player to play as a newly created faction or general called Atlas General. Atlas General uses advanced versions of the best units in the game and can be described as a polished version of the Boss General. For new units and capabilities of the General Atlas division. The Mod, designed exclusively by HF-November, took over a year to complete with over 3,000 modifications to original units and platoons and was tested for over 1,000 hours. Atlas Mod also allows the player to play as the old Boss General in Skirmish Mode which was not originally available in the game. However, none of the new generals have the ability to AI, which means they can only be played by a human.

 Video For Mod

Download Mod
749 MB

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