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Generals ZH

Generals Zero Hour The Vortex Nod

welcome commanders at the vortex of war which is a mod for generals aiming to combine all factions from ra2,ra3,c&c3;,c&c4; and about 3 tottaly new factions and adding new units for the original factions for the sake of ultimate war. C&C Fans everywhere !! today is a glorious day !! today earth shall survive the tiberium invasion !! all our brave brethren have gathered to defend our last green zones from corruption , this is the day the global defense initiative forces shall send a clear message to everyone that we will not surrender to Kane’s prophecy or aliens , we are here to stay and the the vortex mod shall last to the end of moding days !!! XD . okay now to the serious talk.uhmm…im proud to announce the release of the 2nd alpha version of the vortex mod after all these years working hard on it facing all the real life postpones but here we are hope you will enjoy it as much as i enjoyed 
204 MB


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    October 11, 2021

    no work bec. cd

  2. Avatar


    October 11, 2021

    This means that you have not installed the original game on your computer

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