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Etteria – Land of Kings


Welcome to the snow planet Etteria, land of kings, battles and brave warriors. Now, you`re going to show all your power to the king Haraldsson.

Part of the World of Infinitas project.


You`re the young warrior, who is serving the king Hruntin Haraldsson and his son jarl Rogvold. Your king wants you to fight with 3 powerful enemies. They are going to crush his kingdom, and you must save it. Be strong, and build powerful citadel, if you want to prevail.

Players : 4 (map is for challenge, 1 player with 3 AI)

AI level: Very strong

Landscape: snow planet, castles and ancient walls, medieval atmosphere, 2 bridges, a lot of howitzers around, ability to call kings reinforcements (landing pads), oil stations and a lot of other things.

Bonus: secret command center to call tanks army

Let the Gods be with you!

Authors: Ilya (mapping), BagaturKhan(scenario, plot)



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