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C&C: Generals Zero Hour LemuriaSunk Map

More updated and interesting Lemuria map for challenge between 1 player and 3 AI. Now you have a chance to use the secret weapon against your enemies.

Part of the World of Infinitas project.

Map authors: Ilya CETX (mapping, coding), BagaturKhan (scenario)

Players: 4 (challenge between 1 player and 3 AI)

This map is new and updated version of Lemuria, which you saw in the beginning of this year. But now its have more hardcore gameplay, more powerful AI and 2 special weapons in the map. If you want to crush all enemies, you will have no chance to fight with it by your forces. No! Absolutely no! All your defence will be crushed, and all your armies will fall. But what you must do?

You must find the secret special weapon in the map and make a greatest cataclysm. This weapon was created by Ancients. But where it is? Nobody knows. Just try to find in the map. Only this secret weapon will help you to destroy your enemies. But beware… This weapon can kill Lemuria forever.

AI level: Very agressive (extremal!)

Landscape: The same as in older Lemuria versions, but with some changes.

New bonus things: Chemical lab near the “bridge”. Use it wisely, if you want to stop enemies for some minutes. But your main task – to find the secret superweapon of Ancients.

Good luck to you all! Its will be a hard and nervous competition!

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