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Generals ZH

Generals Zero Hour Blast Out v0.5

The world is in disarray in the year 2054, as the United States and China have failed to eradicate the surviving GLA splinter cells spread over the globe. The ‘Unknown’* general in charge of their forces eluded China’s impending invasion of Europe and seized control of the Middle East’s nuclear arsenal. This resulted in a full-fledged nuclear war, rendering 81 percent of the earth uninhabitable. GLA now rules the planet (or what’s left of it), killing the remnants of the once-monstrous army. In a desperate moment, a group of scientists in Russia managed to transmit a coded message to the surviving US and Chinese soldiers, claiming to have a solution to the problem. They met with two generals, one from each side. They told them about an ancient Soviet-era time-travel project with uncertain outcomes. That’s the only way they’ll be able to save themselves. They make the decision to go back and fix their error. Because the gadget requires so much power to work, it can only transport one person at a time and can only carry a disk drive with data from the events that occurred after the second GLA war, as well as plans and techniques for weapons that did not exist at the time. When an explosion rocked the entire building, the US general had just walked away from the device. They knew the GLA was on their way, so they followed them to the place. A Chinese commander was transported within a fraction of a second before the GLA forces breached.
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