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Generals ZH

Generals Zero Hour Rebels Elite Mod

This mod was modified by JuggernautX
This mod is based on the Destructive Forces
Includes a Russian Faction from a very very early version of the Rise of the Reds (NOT SWR)
Red Alert Faction build system help from the AllStars mod
-If someone would like to help with creating models for the factions:
.Russia (Nuke Silo/Walls)
.Quantum Technology (Alien and Highly Advanced Tech)
.Heavy Weaponry (Buffy/Heavy and Armoured Type)
.Red Alert Faction (only based on the Red Alert 1 + Animation for construction)
.Naval Fleet (Naval Type ships, structures…etc with building animations for Mobile Defense Turrets for packing and unpacking)
//we don’t need high def models, only similar or same as the ones present in this current version.
.USA Boss (Eisnhower voicelines with voiceovers for Barracks/warFactory/Airfield/CommandCenter)
.GLA Boss (Ali Ahmad Arabian voiceover same as before)
.China Rogue (Chen voiceovers)
.USA Commander & Chief (G. Bush voiceovers)
.Rebels Elite (Tiberius “Finnish-like” voiceovers)
.Quantum Technology (Robotic-Human-Alien like voiceover)
.Heavy Weaponry (Heavy German-like Voiceovers)
.Red Alert Faction (if possible?)
.Naval Fleet (no plans yet. or ideas)
-Any ideas added in the mod will be credited in the mod for next update
-Any changes on ideas will be credited
-Voiceovers, Models…etc will be credited
-No charge, it’s modding, free work, fun
-Temporary custom models from other mods until replacements:
.Buildings in Red Alert Faction from AllStars mod (ConYard, Tesla, FlameTower…)
.Thunder spaceship in QT (Orca)
.Alpha USA PowerPlant in QT and HW from acidbrain
Thank you for Destructive Forces, AllStars
*Destructive Forces (based mod)
*AllStars (Build System)
*Orca (???)
*LoWi96 (Custom Curors, HQPack


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    March 25, 2022

    how to install?

  2. Avatar


    March 25, 2022

    How to install within the game?

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