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Harrapa Siege (challenge)

Good challenge for players, who using original ZH and mods. 1 player must destroy 3 enemies in the seaside of Harrappa kingdom.
Part of the World of Infinitas project
Get ready to fight with 3 powerful enemies in the Harrappa Realm.
This map is made from scratch.
Map size: normal
Players: 4 (1 vs 3 challenge)
AI: available
Landscape: mountains, plains, seaside, small villages
Bonus things: SCUD storm in the right corner
AI level: good
Mods: available
(good with Contra, Shockwave, Reborn, ProGen)
Map authors: – BagaturKhan (scenario, drawing, plan)
– CETX (map, design, AI)


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    April 9, 2022

    not working

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    April 9, 2022


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