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Generals ZH Updates

Generals Zero Hour Continue Mod


[Overall change]

  1. Fixed the problem that the American China GLA chief of staff could not clear the level when challenging the tank general
  2. Fixed an issue where there was no bulldozer in position 2 of the RA2 Tournament
  3. Dock training time has been reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds and no longer consumes electricity
  4. Restored the fence(USAChinaGLA)
  5. Extensive use of new voices(They come from CNC3 and player)
  6. The dock uses the correct scaffolding
  7. New Skirmish Map Heartland
  8. 18-30 campaign canceled
  9. Fixed some Campaign and challenge bugs
  10. More particle effects
  11. Detention Camp and Transformation Center Prerequisites Change to Warfactory
  12. Infantry now has a special death effect when killed by a laser
  13. Infantry missing surrender animation fix
  14. Sniper weapon damage to infantry reduced from 200% to 150%
  15. Some Soldiers surrender action lost fixed
  16. Campaign CGMoives now clearer
  17. All WarFactory Repair time For Full Heal increased from 5 seconds to 8 seconds

[All America]

wtwert 1

  1. The price of the Chinook helicopter has been unified to 1000, and the cost of the supply center has been reduced from 2000 to 1900 (excluding Landforce generals)
  2. New fighter YF23, serious damage to infantry and light vehicles
  3. Lots of refurbished unit voices
  4. Aircraft carriers PatriotBoat, Ohio-class submarines cancelled
  5. Battleships and Destroyers can now no longer upgrade Drone
  6. SEALs use new icons
  7. Pathfinder can now switch between normal fire and silencer fire modes
  8. Microwave Tank: Now It no longer Disabler vehicles
  9. Now Battle Ships Can Detect Stealth Unit
  10. CompositeArmor Upgrade Cost/BuildTime 2000/60s change to 1500/45s

[America Air Force General]

wtwert 2

  1. Fixed a bug that caused in challenge mode
  2. Added unit Sherman tank
  3. Carpet bombing changed to F18 carrier bombing
  4. Jeep Replacement Humvee
  5. King Raptor’s HP has been changed from 220 to 200

[America Laser General]

wtwert 3

  1. Laser Mobile Patriot System Replaces Laser Tomahawk Missiles
  2. Advanced Microwave Tanks Changed to Beam Cannons
  3. Fixed the BUG of using super weapons Wrong target in challenge mode AI
  4. Fixed a bug that caused in challenge mod
  5. Advanced ControlRods Upgrade changed from yellow to red
  6. Advanced Cold FusionReactor Truck

[America SuperWeapon General]

wtwert 4

  1. Ion Tank removed
  2. Patriot launchers and Burke destroyers no longer have EMP weapons
  3. FuelAir Bomb Cannon Replace Grand Cannon
  4. Predator Tank, It can be switched to normal fire mode and EMP fire mode
  5. Medical carts are built with maintenance kits
  6. Add CompositeArmor Upgrade

[America LandForce General]

wtwert 5

  1. Abrams Replace Missile Crusader
  2. Pill box
  3. Marine Missile Defender
  4. New model used For Marine
  5. Higher Navy Costs
  6. SpyDrone is changed from Rank1 to Rank3

[All China]

wtwert 6

  1. New Air Force Unit J20 Stealth Fighter
  2. Han class submarine model refurbishment
  3. Kirov airship changed to air cruiser
  4. J10 fighters can no longer target the air
  5. Gattling boat,Dreadnought Cannon ships and ECM speedboats cancelled
  6. All generals can now train grenade soldiers and use new voices
  7. Amphibious Transport Model Refurbishment
  8. Some bugs in Leang challenge mode were fixed
  9. Added new unit Sniper(TankG,NukeG and FlameG not trainable)
  10. GeneratingTruck Overcharge:The percentage of HP consumed per second has been increased from 3% to 15%
  11. Flechette Rounds Damage Radius changed from 3 to 0
  12. New Upgrade Nuclear Ships in Ship Yard
  13. Han class Battle ships Replace Han class sub

[China Tank General]

wtwert 7

  1. 63 The troop carrier no longer has the ability to shoot externally and no longer has the ability to armed
  2. TankMaster Replace Battle Master
  3. ListeningOutpost Tank Replace ListeningOutpost Jeep
  4. Fixed an issue where NuclearSilo could be trained directly after building a Transformation Center
  5. 95 air defense system Replace Gattling Tank

[China Infantry General]

wtwert 8

  1. Infantry squad recovery(Including the MiniGunner Squad)
  2. The movement speed of the Troop Crawler has been reduced from 60/60 to 40/30, and the cost has been increased from 1500 and 1300 to 1600 and 1400
  3. Speaker Station Replace Speaker Tower(New Leader Mau Voice)
  4. DF-11 Launcher Replace Nuke Cannon
  5. New Unit Hero Tank
  6. Canceled the neutron bomb upgrade
  7. Truck Cannons now respond to Artillery Training
  8. Sniper Veteran Class

[China Nuke General]

wtwert 9

  1. Nuclear air cruiser
  2. Advanced Nuclear Energy Truck Model Refurbished
  3. Nuclear Warhead Storage Facility Replace TransformationCenter(Nuclear Shells Upgrades are transferred to this building)
  4. Nuclear Warhead Storage Facility has the ability to detonate an ammo depot
  5. Biohazard Technician Now only nuclear generals can train
  6. Nuke Gattling Truck, Can respond to fusion reactor upgrades to increase movement speed

[China Flame General]

wtwert 10

  1. 63 The troop carrier no longer has the ability to shoot externally and no longer has the ability to armed
  2. The PowerPlant and Flame Storm uses the correct scaffolding
  3. Flame Energy Truck

[All GLA]

wtwert 11

  1. AncientCannon: Fixed a bug that could be damaged by poison; can now switch between normal mode/armor-piercing mode
  2. Explorer boat and Quad Boat ,Demo boat has been Cancel
  3. New fighter Su30
  4. Zeros can now switch between dive and machine gun attack modes
  5. Fix masked man surrender bug
  6. GLA_11 Campaign now cannot train airfields
  7. Airports and prisons now have FortifiedStructure upgrade effects
  8. Prober canceled
  9. Workers will build TunnelNetwork and StingerSite on the command bar
  10. Added new unit Sniper, Special Ability: Anti-Tank Mines (ToxinG,DemoG and SalvG not trainable Sniper)
  11. TunnelDefender Extra High explosive missiles damage is weakened

[GLA Toxin General]

wtwert 12

  1. Hunter Jeep Replace Rocket Buggy
  2. Motorcycle Icon modification
  3. Anthrax Gamma Research Lab Replace Palace

[GLA Demolition General]

wtwert 13

  1. Battle Bus Model Modification, Demo traps cost less, longer duration
  2. T54 Tank: Movement speed/Severe wounded movement speed increased from 25/25 to 35/30, HP reduced from 400 to 350
  3. High Explosive Zero
  4. Bomb Truck: Nuclear bomb detonation total/half damage radius reduced from 100/130 to 80/110
  5. Cancel white phosphorus truck

[GLA Stealth General]

wtwert 14

  1. “TOYOTA” Prado Replace Battle Jeep
  2. Snipers and Lasher no longer need Science
  3. d. Bomb Technical canceled
  4. Fire-proof suit upgrade cancelled,Increase RPG soldier camouflage suit upgrade in Palace
  5. Rocket CombatBike Replace Rocket Buggy

[GLA Salvage Junk General]

wtwert 15

  1. V3 Launcher Replace Hunter Jeep
  2. Wheeled Assault Cannon damage reduced from 50 to 35
  3. Now Baikonur Launcher need Science
  4. Air defense gun New ModelRocket Sea Launcher

Technical Support:saite240mt
GenLauncher Support:Del
Dubbing Team members:
Haubibban,SiRro,Zhaozhengwei,Davidhu,Guanhan,Blackhand,Wumu,Chensi,mikulas mattias,Raven,Luminary and many more
Particle Effects:PLAYERnameless,Ryanjp89
Other Adriane,huixian,edbods,St4lk3r,Zeke_Dlyoung,ShadowKing



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    May 15, 2022

    Hi bro, any link to download this mod please.

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    May 15, 2022

    hello please fix generals zero hour Continue the Multiplayer the Enemy is not moving. please fix

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    May 15, 2022

    send link for 3.1

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