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Generals ZH

C&C: Generals Zero Hour Final Boss Mod

Major Changes
Capturing the Tech Reinforcement Pad will airlift the Emperor Tank – internet Center – Maintains stealth. – All satellite hacking upgrades have been completed. – comanche – Rocket pods create a flame storm. – hog artillery – Fires nuclear warheads by default. – Requires General Points. – mobile Supply Center – Cost 1750 – Produced with 5 workers on board. – Discounts are also applied during construction when the refinery is – occupied. – black lotus – Replaces hackers. – super lotus – Now only 1 person can be trained. – Ability has been increased. – advanced jarmenkell – Always remain stealthed. – Can kill multiple infantry in a narrow area with a single attack. – You can sniper the vehicle up to 3 times. – a10 air strike request – angry mob – Training is possible without a strategy center. – AK47 can be upgraded in the barracks. – nuclear missile – Missile speed has been increased. – The price is reduced to half – Cooldown reduction – Scud Storm – Fire without delay – Choose your own high-explosive and anthrax warheads – EMP missile – Changed to particle tank personal upgrade – attack outpost – high speed – Up to 10 units can be accommodated – Black Lotus can hack the internet when boarding – Movement speed has been increased. – new skill – MOAB – Drop 3 MOABs – Replaces neutron bomb – anthrax bomb – anthrax nuclear bomb – deleted element – Rocket Buggy – Humvee – Commando.


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