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Generals zero hour New Maps Package

Maps have long been a useful tool for many aspects of society, from navigation to urban planning. Recently, maps have even made their way into the gaming world, providing a new layer of immersion and strategy for players. These game maps often feature intricate and detailed terrain, with obstacles and opportunities to outmaneuver opponents. As […]

Generals ZH mods

Generals zero hour: raremix mod

Generals Zero Hour is a popular real-time strategy game developed by Electronic Arts. The game has established a large following, and one of the reasons for this is the thriving modding community that exists around it. These modders have created various modifications to the game, adding a new dimension to the gameplay experience. From additional […]

Generals ZH

Generals Zero Hour World War II 0.28

    The best simulator of World War II now with its completely new version. An impressive series of updates to the General Zero Hour game, taking it to another era of battles and strategic wars. Many advantages with a complete change of units, buildings and sounds. Full support from fans of the game Generals […]

Generals ZH mods

Generals Zero Hour Realistic Weapon Mod

The mod essentially aims to give the ZH engine a more realistic atmosphere by replacing some of the primary faction troops with vehicles, better weaponry, and explosions. Along with brand-new special campaign tasks for each side, it also merges the Generals and ZH campaigns. (Total of 14 missions per side) The mod increases weapon ranges, […]

Generals ZH

Generals Zero Hour Shockwave Chaos 44

You are probably familiar with the Generals Zero Hour Shockwave mode. This mode aims to take this mod and raise it to eleven. It’s not necessarily the most balanced as it aims to give you a large number of good units and tools in order to kill, maim, and set fire to your enemies in […]

Generals ZH Updates

Generals Zero Hour: Rise of the Reds 1.87 PB 2

  • December 19, 2022

 The original three armies of China, USA, and GLA, have been greatly expanded and redesigned in a variety of ways, with many new units, buildings, weapons, powers and abilities to explore and combine into your in-game tactics. Rise of the Reds 1.87 also changes all game mechanics in order to create a unique and exclusive […]

Maps Missions

Full ROTR Campaigns & USA & Russia Campaign map pack

 All campaigns and missions complete and provided by FALCON RISING. Enter a new world of exclusive challenges while completing missions for all the modern factions of the game. All tasks and challenges work with the ROTR mod, preferably version 1.86 or above. If you do not have the appropriate version, you can download it from here […]

Generals ZH Updates

Generals 2: Revolution Project

  The addon was developed as a complete game. Factions and effects are completely redesigned, the quality of textures and 3D models are raised frequently, and the project is improved several times at the same time. Qualitatively recycled faction from the first addition: USA (Air Force). Improved EU faction (Germany) added two new alliances (Eastern […]

Generals ZH Updates

C&C: Generals Zero Hour Iran Mod

 In this mode, the other teams in the game remain intact and unchanged, and only the Iranian team has been added to the game and has its own weapons. According to the advice of the creator of the mod, given the strength of the Iranian team compared to other teams, we recommend that you try […]