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Generals ZH mods Updates

Generals Zero Hour Contra 8 Beta 2

It is important to provide a professional tone of voice when addressing concerns regarding any topic. When discussing the topic of ‘contra mod’, it is essential to maintain a neutral perspective and avoid making any assumptions or personal attacks. In this regard, it can be noted that ‘contra mod’ is a term used to describe […]

Generals Updates

Generals Project Tomahawk Storm 1.2 Beta patch 1

  PT:S is an enhancement mod for C&C Generals, bringing new content of all types to the fray. Take control of special weaponry or massive numbers up the PRC’s sleeve, high tech precision weapons and rapid deployment which only is readily visible with the American arsenal, or use the battlefield and all its hidden resources […]

RA3 Updates

Generals 2 v1.61 EN Remastered (2022)

This is a MOD for Command Conquer: Red Alert 3, Game camp for “Asian-Pacific Allance (APA), European Union (EU), Global Liberation Army (GLA). For Zero Hour, Tiberium Wars, and Red Alert 3, Command & Conquer: Generals 2 is a comprehensive conversion mod. The mod is based on a game of the same name that was […]

Generals ZH Updates

Generals Zero Hour Project X Remastered Mod

  • September 21, 2022

Project X Remastered mod adds unique effects in terms of gameplay All units have real and great sound and visual effects, and it also brings many changes to the old sounds. The model is well designed, the new and improved old units look great. The sound is also installed in high quality, for example, Russia […]


Corinth Blood Bay Map

This page is for all official and unofficial maps of the generals zero hour. Maps are added continuously. These maps are exclusive and modified ones.  

Generals ZH

Generals Zero Hour Theater of War 3 Mod

Experience the fusion between reality and games. The theater of war is a modification that adds somewhat realistic sound and visual effects. There are many great techniques in this tactic that gives the game more enthusiasm and suspense than the original version    

Generals ZH Updates

Generals Zero Hour Specter

 Specter is a full-fledged Generals Zero Hour mod, and the mod’s last name was “The War in Iraq”. We recently changed the name of the mod to better match the mod’s content, so that the template was redesigned from the ground up in 2012 to fit the best possible experience, and offers endless possibilities. Important […]

Generals ZH Updates

Generals Zero Hour Prepare for Battle 0.45.5 Mod

Exclusively on our site, the largest modification to the game Generals Zero Hour. A large group of new additions of units and special weapons, in addition to new buildings for most of the factions. Increasing the number of the main factions of all armies, each army has more than 6 different factions, including armored, infantry, […]


European Conquest Missions ROTR 1.85

  Third mission set out of five that make the story I am narrating to you. This and next campaigns are not made in old fashioned way. From three missions you play one mission as other nation so you can see the story from other perspective.   This campaign was made in ROTR 1.85 and […]