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Generals Updates

Generals Project Tomahawk Storm 1.2 Beta patch 1

  PT:S is an enhancement mod for C&C Generals, bringing new content of all types to the fray. Take control of special weaponry or massive numbers up the PRC’s sleeve, high tech precision weapons and rapid deployment which only is readily visible with the American arsenal, or use the battlefield and all its hidden resources […]

RA3 Updates

Generals 2 v1.61 EN Remastered (2022)

This is a MOD for Command Conquer: Red Alert 3, Game camp for “Asian-Pacific Allance (APA), European Union (EU), Global Liberation Army (GLA). For Zero Hour, Tiberium Wars, and Red Alert 3, Command & Conquer: Generals 2 is a comprehensive conversion mod. The mod is based on a game of the same name that was […]

Generals ZH


  Genlauncher is a program for downloading, installing, updating and launching mods for Generals ZH. At the same time, GenLauncher supports many mods installed on one version of the game, also it supports patches and add-ons for mods