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Generals zero hour New Maps Package

Maps have long been a useful tool for many aspects of society, from navigation to urban planning. Recently, maps have even made their way into the gaming world, providing a new layer of immersion and strategy for players. These game maps often feature intricate and detailed terrain, with obstacles and opportunities to outmaneuver opponents. As […]


Harrapa Siege (challenge)

Good challenge for players, who using original ZH and mods. 1 player must destroy 3 enemies in the seaside of Harrappa kingdom. Part of the World of Infinitas project Get ready to fight with 3 powerful enemies in the Harrappa Realm. This map is made from scratch. Map size: normal Players: 4 (1 vs 3 […]


Tank vs Laser Generals Competition

Tanks against laser. Reworked campaign You must destroy the main base of the laser faction that has captured a large number of your units Your mission is to destroy the laser reactors that will be launched on your base from time to time. You will encounter fierce resistance and you must take appropriate decisions.

Generals ZH

Generals Zero Hour Rebels Elite Mod

This mod was modified by JuggernautX This mod is based on the Destructive Forces Includes a Russian Faction from a very very early version of the Rise of the Reds (NOT SWR) Red Alert Faction build system help from the AllStars mod -If someone would like to help with creating models for the factions: .Russia […]


Gambra Rebellion Mission

Another one mission for Zero Hour about sci-fi universe of A.Krokhmal. Now you need to fight with help of president Shein against his enemies.   Part of the World of Infinitas project   Based on the EA`s map (Chemical gen challenge).   Year: 2574 AD. Location: Nargon Planet, Azistan system, Far Worlds sector   Main […]


Nargon Battle 2596 mission

For the ZH game, a simplified version of the Nargon Battle 2596 quest is available. It can now win this battle without having to load any games. The biggest Nargon war in the year 2596 is the subject of this mission. The terrible army of the dark-followers must be fully destroyed by coalition troops. You […]


Saikong Rush Map : Generals Zero Hour

  Now you`re fighting in the planet Saikong, territory of the mightiest Farruh empire. This is the planet of ancient temples and beautiful shrines.   Part of the World of Infinitas project   Players: 2   Singleplayer: yes   Multiplayer: yes (more comfortable)   Landscape: Ancient planet of Farruh empire. Land of beautiful temples and […]